California Homeowners Insurance

The cost of California homeowners insurance has been slowly increasing for some homeowners. Since California is located on a few major earthquake faultlines, the cost is a little bit more than other parts of the country. Finance Hall has partnerships with homeowners insurance companies nationwide. Our established relationship with the homeowner's insurance companies will allow you to compare multiple online quotes to help lower the cost of California insurance.

We work with homeowners insurance companies such as Nationwide, US, Safeco and American General Insurance located in San Diego (SD), Sacramento, Los Angeles (LA), Orange County (OC), San Francisco (SF), Bakersfield, Riverside, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Fresno, San Bernardino and anywhere else you can think of in California.


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CA Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the more important types of insurance. Having reliable homeowners insurance can prevent your family and you from suffering huge losses in the event of any disasters or accidents such as fire or a car destroying half of the home. The policy usually covers personal items such as expensive electronics and jewelry if your home is robbed.

There are a few way to find cheaper premiums. One is to insure both your home and auto with the same company. Another discount is by having some sort of home security system setup on your property which reduces the chances of a break-in. One of the cheapest way of getting a discount is to install dead-bolt locks on your doors.

Take advantage of our network with some of the nation's top insurance companies such as Mercury Insurance, Allstate, FarmersInsurance, Nationwide and other leading home insurance companies.

Quick Facts About California
  • State Capital: Sacramento
  • Population (2005 Estimate): 36,132,140
  • Major Cities:

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