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There are three (3) main types of health insurance: HMO, PPO and POS. Depending on your family's situtation and needs, any of these 3 types can be right for your family. Some families who plan on visiting the doctor a lot because of infants may choose to do HMO because it saves them in the long run. There are those who need and want the flexiblity to go to a specialist of their choosing might decide PPO is better.

Even though you are considering a Health Insurance Quote, the best option is to talk with a health insurance agent and tell them about your family and intentions and see if they can suggest a good plan that will fit for you.

Health Insurance Quote
Speaking from my personal experience is that most families tend to go with a HMO while people who are single and younger go with either HMO or PPO because of the flexibility. POS is sometimes the choice for those who don't think they will need to visit the doctor or physician too often.

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