Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

The cost of Pennsylvania auto insurance has been rising since the early 1990s when car insurance was a lot cheaper. You may be paying too much for your auto insurance. Get a FREE online quote to see what the current rates are today, no matter what your driving history or bad or poor credit you may have.


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Finance Hall has partnerships with local PA insurance companies as well as national insurance companies. Our relationship with the auto insurance companies will allow you to compare multiple online insurance quotes to help lower the cost of your automobile insurance.

We work with auto insurance companies such as Acceptance Auto, Rodney Young, Nationwide, US, 21st Century, Safeco Farmers and American General Insurance located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Scranton, Harrisburg, Norristown, Reading and anywhere else you can think of in Pennsylvania.

One way to lower your insurance is to buy a car that costs less to insure such as a Volvo XC90, Chevy Mailbu, Mazda MPV, Ford Thunderbird, Toyata Camry, Ford Taurus Station Wagon and the GMC Safari.

Quick Facts About Pennsylvania
  • State Capital: Harrisburg
  • Population (2008 Estimate): 12,448,279
  • Major Cities:
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